Driver - Brushless motor ESC for aircrafts

[title]Brushless motor ESC for aircrafts[/title]
With this driver you can control a brushless motor conected to an ESC (Electronic Speed Control). It’s designed for aircrafts (eg. quadrocopter), thats the reason why there is no reverse.
You can use any hardware PWM pin. You can set your own input scale over the “Scale” property (0-100%, 0-1023, …).
You can also set the frequency of the PWM signal. But be aware, the Period field is static, so all PWM’s having the same frequency. This is by design. The hardware (USBizi) doesn’t allow different signals. If you own a hardware which allows, feel free to make it non-static…


Constrain() has a bug. If you SetPower(0) then it will not turn the motor off. Change the first line in Constrain() to this to fix.

if (x >= a && x < b)