Downloads page not working

It pains me to clutter the forum with threads like this but these download links don’t appear to work: Downloads

I click the “v2.2.0.5100 (RTW)” link and a new page is opened but nothing downloads. Can anyone help?

link worked fine for me, download started in under 2 seconds. is the direct link

That happens to me too. I click and the page refreshes but no download starts.

I need to right-click the link and choose “Save Link As” for it to work. This only happens on the GHI website for some strange reason and I am using Chrome.


This is a security feature of the browser. You can’t directly open unsafe (http) link from safe (https) webpage. The fix is easily done at the GHI side. Just enable HTTPS on the

Ref: Clicking download link does nothing at all. - Google Chrome Community


Dave, yours and vivalite’s solutions work. Thank you

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