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Downloading the CHIPX code takes too long


Downloading the CHIPX code to deploy on another ChipX takes more than 30 minutes. Which is not resonable. Can you do something about it.

The deploy only takes 20 sec. Just like the EMX.

I am using ChipX not for memory. But for better speed.

I had posted this same issue earlier. But please do something about it.

30 minutes is too long. I cannot keep my customer waiting when we do online support.


You only need to do this once every few months, right?


Why do you think that is the case. We are developing new products. Where there will be lot of issues in the field.

We sit online with our customer. Because we do not have the setup our customer has to reproduce an issue. So we end up, trying different updates.
The customer only has the deploy tool where they just deploy the hex file.
And looks at the log.

So we have done this almost 8 times yesterday. So I ended up doing this with and EMX system. So we can do this faster. And finally when we got it fixed, then made the changes on ChipX because it is too slow for development like I do.

I will not ask again, because looks like every body except me writes perfect code. And it makes me look dumb.


Sorry for misunderstanding. I was asking. Please see my last post again.

So you are using this feature to debug your application. In that case, it make sense on why you need this to complete faster.

I will pass this on to the right people and see if they can do anything to make it faster.


Gus you guys at GHI do offer more formal channels for commercial support, right? If so, Microt, maybe that might be a more suitable avenue for you if you feel you don’t want to air your dirty laundry here?


Thanks Gus, will wait for a good fix


[quote]Gus you guys at GHI do offer more formal channels for commercial support, right?

He already has skype to internal engineers at GHI. He also calls the office often with questions. We can’t control what users post and where but we can surly make sure we take care of any support/concerns, no matter where it comes from or how it gets to us.


Wow! Now I understand why Facebook clicked :slight_smile:
My problem is now everybody problem :’(

Brett, thanks for straightening me up.

I realize that many on this forum are hobbyist trying out their pet projects. At least this post is an example of silly things would become important when products go out in the field. Demonstrating an idea is only 30-40% of the problem.
And taking it from there and “Designing for Manufacturing” is whole another ball game.

I have posted the same question on the old GHI forum and somehow it got lost in the maze without a reply. Then I had the issue posted again and I was at a tipping point, having very little sleep the previous night.
Sorry guys. But GHI handled it very professionally. Thanks guys, for the fast responses you have given me for the last couple of years.

Here is a photo of one of my product. It would have been possible to make it using other hardware. But taking time to market, development resources needed the really cool module from GHI was the best choice.

And if some one is interested in checking it out. Here is a link.!1234


Wow, your product looks very neat.
We are happy to see our solutions being implemented in full products.

By the way, we are working on a ticketing support system that would help our commercial customers submit any question or concern and can be escalated to direct support according to the case. But you will always be welcomed to post in this forum since you might get help from this great community and GHI engineers directly.

But for you microt, you are part of GHI after those long year and you are always welcomed to contact us the way you find suitable to help you out with your projects.


[quote]Brett, thanks for straightening me up.

oh no, i just took your original message to mean you weren’t happy having to post this kind of request for help in a public place - you said that everyone else writes perfect code and it made you look dumb (which i don’t think it really does, but how you feel is more important) - so if there’s a more formal channel that is more suited to someone like yourself who obviously has much more product-focussed experience than a lot of us hobbyists, that might have been a better option for you?

Anyway, glad to hear it’s all working out.

I too think you have a very neat product there; is that a silverlight interface? whats even better in my view is that it’s focussed on environmental control, which is way cool and will only be something that grows in importance to mankind in the future


I love the flash drive inside. A brilliant and cheap way to add large storage to any product. Those drives are just getting cheaper and cheaper!


Yes… it is a cheap way to add storage.

But there are issues with that. Please read post below. If that could be solved then it is really good


Like suggested to you in the past, the only way to guarantee is by controlling the power on the USB connector. This is how the PC or the a USB hub does it


Why you use a USB stick? I think a SD-card is smaller and did the same job.

I know it is not possible to change the data logger , just a question ;D


If you looks at the price of SD-card and USB drive it is the same.

THe USB drive is easier for a person to unplug and put it in their laptop and check it out. Most laptop’s does not have a SD card reader or they should use a USB card reader, which adds a dependeancy


Yes , the price is the same.

But a SD-card can be easily accessed from outside it will show off on a few millimeter out of the datalogger. So you can change the card without opening the enclosure. Or if you need it waterproof , you can put it inside the enclosure like the USB flash drive.

The Micro SD Card Expansion from the tinyclr has also a power switch which can controlled with a normal port pin.