Downloading NETMF source code

I am trying to download complete NETMF source code from codeplex. However, I never succeed. I end up with:

[quote]Gateway Timeout

The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.[/quote]
Is there a way to download it?

I’ve used Subversion to get it in the past. Direct Download was timing out for me as well.

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1.8GB+ and 112k+ files total. Wow!

Well, we have a saying: [em]“He who really wants, looks for solutions, he who doesn’t want, looks for excuses.”[/em]

So, I have set up a git mirror to track the development in client_vNext branch, until it is released or moved to GitHub or wherever…

The code is in ms-netmf branch.


@ iamin - When you figure out how to compile it let me know :slight_smile: