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Module added: Led7C


YOU ROCK IT and play Rock’n’Roll with TinyCLR drivers :ok_hand:


Module added:

  • Led7R
  • Potentiometer


Module added:

  • Gyro

To download packages:

Source code:


Excellent and great job done.

But missing examples for each drivers separate examples (for beginners how to use it - one driver one example and wiring schema with fritzing to be perfect)


That’s what I’m thinking, but time is short :smile:
I think I’ll try to code again two modules: Bluetooth and Music. After I will modify testUniversal app in solution to do examples but I don’t know yet how: one app per module, app which cover few modules …


You dont need to provide complete idea
leave those to the people how they will mix and use drivers

You just give them simple examples for each drivers.

How to call and use it and
how to read retreived(display) info

that 's is enought


Updated for TinyClr v0.7.0.0

(but not yet samples…)


Module added:

  • HC-SR04 (not Gadgeteer)

This is my first module which is documented: here

Let me know (specially @valon_hoti_gmail_com) what you think about that.


Everthing is perfect (but if you add picture with fritzing this will be simple master piece) this way is what i thinked,you do not need to add more things.


Thanks to point me this software, I don’t know it exists ! Sure it will be easier with picture.

#32 it was free …

have a lot of modules as is,
so you don’t need to re-picture it modules (just pickup board ,hc-rs04 module connect pins with different colour wire red/voltage black/gnd greend/one pin yellow/another pin that is all)

so you can use either netduino or nucleo board (is enought) for displaying wire-ing picture how to and voila your sample will be perfect explained for beginner (with no need for additional words - since picture is more than 1000 word)

your sample will look like this pictures


I give a try to fritzing. But no GHI board, no electron board, no netduino3 … As I have only them, I can’t see doing all board for fritzing. I’ll make picture later, even if it takes time.

For now, I focus me on add text documentation and complete some module I own.


Module added:

  • Ultrasonic Ranger (Grove module)

Now, documentation is included in each project in source code: you can read and click on books for each module.


All gadgeteer modules have been documented. Next steps are Grove modules.


Modules added:

  • CharacterDisplay (Gadgeteer module)
  • MotorDriverL298 (Gadgeteer module)
  • RotaryH1 (Gadgeteer module)

And all of them are documented ! :sunglasses:


I am thinking to remove all old packages (version 0.6.0). But before doing it, I would be sure no one use them. Tell me if you would like that I leave them.


Do not ask anyone since you maintain ,
your libraries free for community,so keep only last version only but github have abiliti to pack earlier relesaes (under release for older versions)


Modules added:

  • Music (Gadgeteer module)


Thanks for all your hard work!