Double posts in unread posts listing

Is this a problem on my pc or on the website?

I get it to, although not on every post ???. Strange.

This is an old problem and we were never able to fix as we were never able to repro on our end.

Well… the rest of the day this did not happen.
I have no clue either.

:slight_smile: i still get it. Some items are double posts some are tripple some are single. Its not a bother though

Few steps to try in no particular order:

  • logout/login from forum
  • clean your browser cache

As one of the people who previously reported this a lot, I have to say it hasn’t affected me in quite some time. Yes, I’m touching wood :smiley:

I’m not sure but maybe this is caused by the number of unread posts in particular topic? If you didn’t read last 3 posts in the topic all three of them will generate an entry in the unread list and all of them will have the same ‘last poster’ and ‘author’?

Weird. I had it once or twice,but it went away. Really hard to reproduce indeed.

No idea why it shows up from time to time. I have found that if I mark all posts as unread, then it goes away for a while and they show up fine.

I just had it not set a thread I just read as read, it still shows up in the ‘unread’ list. I’m wondering if this is an error with how cookies are being stored on the PC?

@ jeff I get that quite often. Log out and back in and that will be fixed.