dotNetMF 4.5 and latest version of VS?

It seems like GHI is falling behind. I may be wrong here, but the forum is so hard to read because it’s freekin huge.

When will you be supporting the latest versions of .netMF (4.5 I think), Visual Studio 2015 all running on Windows 8.1? I’m specifically talking about FEZ Spider, but in general all Gadgeteer.

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NETMF 4.5 ?

I think you are confusing .NET Framework for desktop and .NETMF (Micro Framework -

The micro framework’s current release is 4.3 which is what GHI supports, there is a 4.4 beta but that too early in the dev cycle.

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I may be wrong here[/quote] true, true.

No, you are just way ahead of them.

No offence, I just could not resist :slight_smile: . My wife does not think I am funny either… :think:


@ AlphaMike, I don’t think they are falling behind MS versions at this point. The highest release NETMF as others have said is 4.3, and the highest release Visual Studio is 2013. I am using Windows 8.1 x64 and have no problem with doing NETMF and Gadgeteer development.

As long as they support the latest released version I’d say they are not behind.