Dongbu HerkuleX Smart Servo

I ordered some whizzy Dongbu HerkuleX Smart Servos for some robot projects and decided to give them a quick test.

For those that haven’t heard of them they are the equivalent of Dynamixel AX12 servos.

Short version they are daisy chain able serial controlled servo’s with PID control, 0.325 deg resolution, can also do continuous rotation etc - in short they are cool…(well i think so anyway ::slight_smile: )

For the quick and dirty test i wrote a simple Win forms app that sends commands via an RF Pipe on and xBee explorer to a Cerb Bee which reads the incoming commands via a RF Bee and fires out the necessary bytes to the servos.

Each U socket and run 254 servos :slight_smile:

It will be a long time before i go back to dumb PWM servos :slight_smile:

And did you notice the Gadgeteer project is running out of VS2013 8)


Very cool!


You must have found a better deal than what I’m seeing. That would make one very expensive robot…

@ ianlee74 - yeah, they are more expensive but its like comparing apples to oranges.
These base servos are between $30-$39 but have pretty high torque compared to standard RC servos…and did i mention they have LEDs, that alone is worth the extra $$$$'s :smiley:

That’s a lot better than the ones my quick search turned up. I was seeing $50 - $400.

@ ianlee74 - Depends on the model, some have enough torque to snap your fingers and then some…

I was a little afraid to click that. Worried I might see a video of a servo breaking someones fingers… :cry:

I want some not only because they are awesome, but the word “Dongbu” is fun to say.