Domino reboot - should I bother

OK, I was chatting to @ Justin the other day and I was reminded by the fact that I have 4x USBizi144’s sitting in a tray here. While I was driving to work this morning I was contemplating turning these into something useful (somewhat :slight_smile: ) rather than having processors sitting around doing nothing… even though my Domino is sitting around doing nothing. So should I bother doing anything with them?

USBizi are all stuck running netmf 4.1, but that was a really solid platform, and they had good networking (Wiz5100 wired Ethernet).

I always thought the one thing the Domino needed was more IO pins routed out, and I so if I was going to bother it’d definitely not just make some direct PCB “copies” of the Domino, but I dug out the Fez Rhino (which has the socket for WIZ811MJ module) and that might be reasonable place to start. I have 2x Wiz812MJ modules so I could only do Ethernet on two of them, but that seems like it might be an easy enough place to start - in a 76mm x 72mm board size. This would need to be updated with components I have or can get (for important things like micro-sd card holder and power stuff.

So here’s the question, does anyone else think this is a sensible thing to do? Anyone else with some USBizi144’s “in the drawer” that would find something like this useful?

I have a Domino a Rihno and a free ic that I purchased in the event I needed to replace one of them. I’m not really enthused in going back 4.1, however it hurts me to have hardware idle like that. Now I have a CerbBee and a Cerb40. I don’t even us the cerb40 because I don’t have a smt regulator for it.

I’d be interested.

I have a bunch of various legacy devices too. If anybody is looking for something specific I might have it to offer.

Preparing to make a Domino and CerbBee Canbus sandwich. Now I have to figure out the Can bus sauce.

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