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Domino Project - Show-N-Tell


So my Domino arrived yesterday, and I loaded my code that I had been working on with the simulator, thought I would show it off a little - first a little explanation on what it does.

I build fireworks - very large fireworks: (some examples)… Someone had come up with a computer CNC controlled shell wrapping machine, and being a computer programmer by day, and a serious geek, I duplicated his work (this was 2 years ago)… I wanted to do away with the need to have a laptop with me in the desert, so I decided to make my machine controlled by a Domino.

So my parts list looks something like this:
FEZ Domino
SD4DEU-USB stepper controller from via FTDI serial
3 - SA6432 LCD Buttons for control ( )

The stepping code worked immediately after loading it on the Domino, as I had perfected it in the emulator, the LCD buttons were a little more complex, and took me till 3am this morning to get working.

They are SPI, so a MUX was needed for 3.
Writing to the LCD, you first send your starting address, then pump in data which increments the address - issue is, programmatic address row 0, is physical row 15, programmatic address row 16, is physical row 0. To top it off, with no BitMap avail on the domino, I had to create my bitmap data in the emulator, offset it by the stupid 16 row offset, convert it to 4-bit data as required by the LCD, and pump it over SPI… Works great, images attached (colors look washed out in photos, but are nice in person)

I also have a video of the Domino driving the shell paster (before I had done the LCD work) -

I’ll share more when I get the file system working to read my shell files, but thought I would share my work.



Nice fireworks in video.

The link is broken. Closing ')'at the end became part of the link.
Here is the right one:


I want to tie up FEZ with an accelerometer and pressure sensors then tie it up to one of those fireworks rockets. Man! I wish I had some free time :wall:


you woudn’t have much left to check after one of those 10" thingamaboby’s blows it to smitherines…

Cheers Ian


Yes I know. I want to see what would FEZ see the milliseconds before it dies! What preassure and hat acceleration :o


Have the FEZ transmit time, acceleration, speed, altitude, and temperature in real-time to a ground recorder, at same time take video of the launch and destruction, then superimpose the two into a slow motion video. I think you have yourself the winner of next Antimov video. ;D


First thing I thought of when I saw Antimov… Oh, I can have it destroy itself alright… Then I checked the prohibited items, and sure enough prohibited item #2 - Explosives bigger than Black Cat firecrackers