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Domino Power Source


Good Morning guys! Quick question, am I correct in my assumption that a power source that provides 3.0V to 3.3V ±5%, and up too mA will NOT be sufficient to properly power my Fez Domino?



You want to power domino off 3.3V? You can but then you need to connect 3.3V to the 3.3V pin


Yes and no. 3.3V will power the uC ONLY, although I’m not sure if there is anything on the board other than USB that requires 5V.

Makes sure it’s regulated, too.


Nothing on Domino needs 5V but if you want to connect shields that needs 5V then that is a different story…or USB device on USB Host port.


Awesome! So if I wanted to use USB then I need 5V correct?


Yes usb uses 5v so you will have to connect 5v to the board. Or if you have a shield which uses 5v too.

Note: if you are connecting usb devices to the usb host, make sure to connect a regulated power supply (wall wart?) to your domino. This is not always needed, but it can save you time in searching “why it’s not working”. ;D


Sounds good! Thanks to all who answered.


I also have a question on the 5V power supply output. I want to run a custom serial graphics display (The Propeller Module) and it requires 250 mA. Are the onboard regulators able to handle this? Also if I power the Domino with USB will I go beyond the 500 mA limit that USB can supply?


Yes, they will be fine for that, but the display’s backlight may fade a little if you have a power intensive component on your FEZ’ regs (RE: Ethernet shield)