Domino keeps resetting

I got my FEZ Domino hooked up to the RC battery on RWAR, but I’m having a really weird issue.

Basically, the FEZ will reset when the propulsion motor throttles up. That’ really all there is to it. The FEZ will stay on just fine if the signal line is disconnected from the ESC so the motor will not run. I can actuate the servo without anything happening, but the second I give it throttle the Domino will reset.

Any ideas on what’s going on here?

Attached is a circuit diagram of my configuration

EDIT: I have probed the battery out line while them motor is running the signal appears to be clean, at least with my Sparkfun breadboard power supply hooked to battery out and the scope on the power supply output. I also tried hooking the SFE power supply to the FEZ’s 5V in, but I still get the reset issue.

The Domino has a reset chip that monitors power and any noise will cause the chip to reset domino.

Did you try to isolate domino from the rest of the ciruit? Add large capacitor + diode and maybe a coil even?

Hi Gus,

Yes, I have isoltated the Domino, and it works perfectly when it is. It only freaks out when it is being powered in parallel with the ESC.

How well do you think a 4700uF cap + diode would work?

Depends on noise level

That’s the trouble, I don’t have any good way of probing the battery. The connectors seem to be designed in such a way as to be as difficult as possible for me to probe.

ESC’s are super duper dirty beasts. 4700uf + diode should smooth things out a bit… I can get you a cleanup circuit to build later when i get home if you still need it.

Im stating the bleeding obvious here, but its never a good idea to run digital circuits from the same power source as being used for motors and servos.
No chance of running the FEZ of a separate power source?
As I understand your work, your running at high speeds and an unintended reset could be fatal.

The FEZ was running perfectly on it’s own battery pack, but that battery adds a lot of unwanted weight to the project. I don’t like putting the FEZ on the main battery like that either, but I’m running out of options.

Mark, if you could get a circuit diagram for a clean up circuit that would be great. Thanks! :smiley:

Ugh, sorry Chris it’s actually on a hard drive that’s not mounted in a computer at the moment and i dont have a way of getting it connected just now. I’ll have to grab a hard drive reader or at the least a removable enclosure on the weekend so i can pull it off.

No prob, thanks!