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Domino Chipset Burned out... Can I replace it?


Hello Guys,
Today, after 4 days of receiving my FEZ Domino I just burned out :frowning: because of a High Voltage level on one of the Analog Inputs.
If I connect the module to the USB debugging port the chipset will immediately get hot.
So I was wondering if I can only replace the Chipset with the USBizi144 Chipset sold by TINYCLR.
I’m not sure if the chipset has already the looer\bootloader on it and will work by just replacing it on the module.
I work at an electronics company that handles SMD technology so it shouldnt be a problem removing the broken chipset and soldering the new one.


Yes, it will work fine. In fact, Domino is brakeout board for USBizi144.

USBizi will have bootloader and mikroframework in it.


Excellent, thanks for the reply. I will order the Chipset and update when replacing the part… ;D