Does the 4 Digit 7 segment serial display driver work with FEZ Panda II?

I’ve been looking at the code for a 4 digit 7 segment display driver here:

The code has a reference to a


type, which I can’t find in any of the Microsoft or GHI libraries. Anyone know where this is?

Also looking at the following code:

Serial4DigitLED mySLED = new Serial4DigitLED("COM1", 9600);

Does the above mean this driver needs to be used with a COM port? I couldn’t find anything on the FEZ Panda or Connect shield labeled COM, so anyone know what ports I’d use here?

Add a reference to Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.SerialPort.

Eric, I couldn’t find it there… see image… am I missing something?

Eric - please disregard last message. I see you have to add an actual assembly, not just look in the other one…

now i’m getting an


when I try to open the



Also, how should I connect the wires/pins?

The stack trace from the exception:


I figured it out after looking at someone else who had a similar issue:
[url]Ckiszka - Viewing Profile - Netduino Forums

I had been using Di1 for something else. The solution was to change that port, because COM1 needs both Di0 and Di1.

It’s working now.