Does rlp work with ansi c

Hello Guys,
I have a quick question on rlp, does it support ansi C, does it have all the c library’s?
This is probaly simple for you guys but I don’t know that much.

RLP is a compiled executable. It has nothing to do with what language you use but yes you can use c.

May I ask the differences between RLP and RLP Lite

Check the wiki :slight_smile:

[quote]On the other hand RLP includes these
Dynamic parsing and loading of ELF files
Dynamic procedure allocation
Dynamic argument allocation
RLP extensions (memory allocation, NETMF
derives access)
RLP tasks, a real-time option for NETMF
RLP can raise events back to the C#
managed system
C-runtime system initialization
Does rlp lite do those or is it just premium rlp?

See this