Does GHI make a quadrature decoder?

I am trying to make a Coil Winder (used to make magnetic coils) and I wanted to put the wire between two rollers that have a Quadrature encoder attached so that I know how much wire and in what direction it is going.
I have read extensively on the subject and find that most microprocessors have a lack of interrupts to handle a full decode, while still handling the 3 stepper motors and calculations required simultaneously.
I have found several chips that are capable such as the LS366 but I have not found any boards that use the chips.

Thanks for your Help.

You mean one of these?

which is one of these, not a GHI one…

Or the community firmware for the Cerb* which has support for the built-in quadrature encoder hardware :slight_smile:

lol yes but there are no part numbers or even designations.


Normally when a company wants to sell a product it makes it available for a price and advertises it.

Silly Videos about wheels going around is not a product it is an annoyance.


Duke, thanks for your reply but it has the same problem as the others it does not lead to a product.



What is a Cerb ?


@ Justin isn’t the kind of guy who builds a web site to sell his hardware on as he’d rather just build more hardware which has driven me and a lot of other folks crazy for awhile, but he builds killer hardware by the bucket so pop him a message and see if he can send you what you need. My Gadgeteer tool kit has quite the collection of his modules in it and the music in his videos is a bit of inside joke, but the hardware is killer. Justin will be putting on a little Gadgeteer workshop that will be very interesting, so much so there are folks signing up from a number of different countries to attend as Justin’s hardware kung fu is fairly worthy

@ jlehmkuh - the post did say to email me…but since you don’t like my video and cheesy music…

Justin, don’t tell me you haven’t made enough bucks selling modules to retire back to new Zealand :wink:

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Are you the Justin that designed the modules in the awful video ?
do you have any assembled boards available for sale ?
do you know where I can get some ?


I say Justin that you charge him double for calling your video’s awful. Cheesy music granted, but awful… :stuck_out_tongue:

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@ jlehmkuh. Unless his kids were born in the UK, he won’t get much for them anyway! :slight_smile:

PS… Be nice to him, he does some pretty neat stuff that most of us on here can only dream about making (more like have the time to do them)

I don’t like the music but I do love the Response. I just ordered two of the boards.

Thanks very much.


I was nice. The Music is horrible unless you are into children’s music. Hmm maybe that is why he wants to sell his children. ?

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I love the music.

Does anyone know where GHI hides the Schematic’s ?
I need one for the pulsecount 1.1 board and the fez Cerberus 1.3 ?
Does anyone know where a accurate chart for the Pins in the sockets may be located ?

The Pulsecount board is supposed to be a Quadrature Decoder by the way .


They hide them in plain sight …

Go to the Resources tab.

Could also be called a magic abacus rotating counter… :smiley: