Does dual SPI mean Dual Ethernet?

The Wiznet module runs on the SPI bus of the Fez. If the fez has 2 SPI buses does that mean that the Fez can have 2 Ethernet interfaces? I just need to know if it is technically possible, not if it is possible technically at this time ;D

It’s theoretically possible, but the firmware doesn’t support it (that I know of).

Further, SPI can be bit-banged, so you can have as many ethernet interfaces as you want, given enough IO.

Lovely :slight_smile:

for sure you can modify the open source wiznet driver to support two independent ethernet connections (if it’s true what godefroi says that its not possible out of the box).

It’s certainly “possible” out of the box, but it’s not supported by GHI’s premium library, i.e. System.Net.Sockets as it exists on USBizi and friends won’t support it.

EMX and ChipworX don’t use the Wiznet chip, I don’t think.

The reason why I asked is because I think the Gadgeteer platform could be used as a test system for a project that I’m working on (think hardware firewall).

FEZ as a firewall or client ?

As the firewall. I say firewall but it’s not actually a firewall. It does Deep Packet Inspection like a firewall.

You want to use two physical network interfaces to route data from one network segment to another doing packet inspection in the middle?

Yes, that’s pretty much it, but as a test bed to verify the performance of the algorithm

Well it should be possible to make. I wouldn’t expect big performance but i doubt this matters if its only for testing/validating.

Nah it’s not for performance; just as a test platform.