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Does anyone know of a display that connects via


Does anyone know of a display that connects via JST3AA wire.


Contact this company

and tell them you need this


Thanks, :smiley:


That link does not work :o


it’s the correct link, must be a site specific issue


Well if the site does not work , how do I notify the company?


I just bought a serial LCD and soldered a JST cable to it. Took longer to warm up the iron then do the job.


Sparkfun have serial LCDs.


I am using the 20x4 Sparkfun LCD. Works great.


Well I found this:

Does anyone know if there are drivers for these on TinyClr?


From SF for the one you picked: “Communication with SerLCD requires 5V TTL serial…” . That will not work.

[edit] well, as Mike points out, it probably will work just fine.

This is what you want: . There are several similar ones with varying colors. Make sure it is 3.3V TTL.




@ Eric

I thought 3.3V into a 5V TTL is fine. The one threshold is around 2V?


@ Mike - Correct, but purchasing a 5V TTL may lead to an incorrect assumption by our self proclaimed n00b. Better to match specs by knowing what a FEZ actually outputs for a TTL voltage.


@ ransomhall
Thanks, as I am a beginner are there any drivers for that link that you gave me?


Gus posted the link above.


I think you are finding difficulties because you are not searching enough not because you are a beginner. Have you tried to search code share for “serial LCD”? Have ave you searched the same on sparkfun? I answered your question with a link and you are still asking where it is :slight_smile:

We are always here to help but please try to look for answers first.