Does a 3 Way Relay Exist in the Market?

Hello guys,
i’m looking for a better way to control a Rolling Shutter Motor…
The Motor has Three wires: 220VC

  1. Ground.
  2. Up. Hot and Ground… makes the motor spin up…
  3. Down. second Hot and Ground makes the motor spin the opposite direction (Down).

so in order to control the motor. i’m forced to use two replays one for the Up/Stop action and the second for the Down/Stop Action… (waste of space and hardware)

so my question is:
does a three way relay exists: basically a relay that can go to one direction, get back to the middle no contact(Stop) and have the ability to go to the opposite direction.

which would allow me to use one relay to control the up/down and stop actions of the motor.

thanks guys.


never saw or came across one, so i doubt they exists.

What you need to get is a dual coil DPDT relay.
These are relays that have 2 coils in one with 2 form C contacts.
This should work for you, see attached.

Based on jdal’s response (so I take no credit) I found this via Google:

Thank you guys for the answer…

But that means i still need TWO relays to control forward/Stop/Reverse…

@ jdal: when i read about the dual coil DPDT relay, it didn’t seem to have an OFF position, it goes either one way or the other. no way to stop current from flowing… so my guess using that relay i can’t for instance stop the motor in the middle, i will either have to turn it up or down. no way to stop the current. or did i understood it wrong? most likely :smiley:

@ mhectorgato: that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid. the use of TWO relays to control up/stop and down … and thanks for the diagrams …

any ideas?
If not then i guess two relays is the only way to go.


Jay Jay - if you look at the schematic i posted, that is a dual coil relay shown. Its one relay with 2 coils in it. With neither button pressed, you get your OFF position.

You want a 2 coil relay. Search on digikey for a start. Pcb mount available with 240 - 8 amp, 12, 5 24 volt coil. Will need something to drive the coil. Panasonic is one supplier.

Thank you guys,
I will do some more digging.


You can also use two triacs. Much more compact.

Hi realiser,
can you please elaborate on how to do such thing?

I’m not that hardware versed, so please bear with me here…


Have a look at this link for the theory.

I see you are playing with mains AC voltage… That is deadly stuff. Maybe rather stick to the relay solution - even if you need two of them.