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Hello everyone,

I Wonder if all schema in pdf (such as Fez Hat, Cream and gadgeteer modules/mainboards) can be copy and use for private use without rights problem. If someone can reply to this question specially at GHI.

@ Bauland - Policies – GHI Electronics

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Thanks Gary for this quick reply. You can add me on your black list: I’ve not search on Company tabs !

So impossible to store pdf for personnal use, shame !

Where does it say that you can’t store for personnal use? You can’t redistribute that PDF via your website or other media without our approval.

You’ve been officially added to a list! :whistle:


@ Gary - "copy and store this website and the material on this website in your web browser cache memory;"
For me, my computer isn’t “browser cache memory” ! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

We give you public written permission for you to store a PDF(s) for your own personal use. ;D
Not so much so for @ cyberh0me. :whistle:

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@ Gary - Thanks you : this done development easier even on holydays when there is no internet connection !!!

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I figured as much.

in all seriousness though, the way the clause appears, when read by laypeople like us forum users, there’s no rights to save the original files for personal and/or non-commercial use. You can print them, but you can’t save them.

I am not a lawyer, nor have I played one on TV, but I would suggest an amendment such as:

might be sensible and portray the intent.

I think they are just trying to prevent plagiarism, and the dilution of the GHI brand. You can store it however you like, so long as it’s for reference use (i.e. you’re using it to do something either a personal project or a commercial project) however you cannot use it as part of a venture that leverages such information for commercial gain. Like those websites that scrape datasheets from the web then display them to the user next to some sort of ad. That’s not allowed.

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I have a tattoo of the GHI Fez monkey on my buttocks. Is this a copyright infringement? :-[

@ Mike - Yes, it is infringement. Now GHI owns your …

Not disagreeing with you, but there are many facets of commercial IP that will likely come into play.

Does a reseller who wants to make sure the reference attachment is available to them no matter what the supplier does (think digikey for example, not just for GHI parts) have the rights to copy the document? That to me is a legitimate use of the content that isn’t necessarily “reference” (it’s probably negotiated under a reseller agreement anyway, not the public agreement). For a reseller they’re invested in selling the product and making money on it, not being able to refer to it themselves for use in a project.

A person manufacturing a product that contains a G120 for example, should have the right to download the document for their reference and documentation. That also isn’t clearly permitted under the standard clause above. That is a reference use… but again the original public clause doesn’t really seem to imply that this is permitted.

Is there an overarching internet content accessibility clause that kicks in here? You publish it, don’t put it behind a paywall or registration wall, then it’s available to the public as-is. That’s certainly the expectation I have, and live by - I wouldn’t put anything proprietary in the “open” if I didn’t want anyone to be able to get a copy of it. It’s a sensible approach, even if it’s not a “law”.

And @ Mike, I think I recall the thread where the Fez Monkey was put into the public domain, so GHI don’t own a piece of a$$… :slight_smile:

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When I’ve posted my question, I can’t think this question was so complex !

I think we agree all to the fact that GHI searchs legitimatly to protect themselves. And it is a wide question. I’m not a lawyer too. But as hobbyist such policies is so restrictive that if we want to use documentation (by copying pdf on hdd, not in web browser cache), we can place ourselves on counter laws position.
Now that Gary have give us permission, it is clearer. Perhaps changing policies too, can make the situation clearer too.

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It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

I would just assume that if that you are going to do essentially helps GHI (providing a reference for their part that is beneficial for them) that they aren’t going to complain. If GHI sends you a “cease and desist” letter, you can quote this post and tell them that mtylerjr said it was okay.

@ mtylerjr - also quite me. It is okay :slight_smile:

If it was from someone else, I might think about making some changes but since it comes from you, no freakin’ way. If you have nothing better to do than analyze our copyright policy then “get a job” :whistle: . If you aren’t @ Brett, I will add it to my list but no promises on time or actual change.

If you have nothing better to do than analyze our copyright policy then “get a job” :whistle: . [/quote]
I’m on holidays so feel like I really needed some mental stimulation - but then I came and hung around you anyhow.

well, I guess whether I’m real or not is something open to interpretation. I’m not game to ask my wife right now tho, not sure I would like the answer :slight_smile: .