Documentation and general questions

Hi! I’m a new FEZ Spider user with a few questions (forgive my ignorance)

  1. where do I find a user manual for the Fez Spider?
  2. where do I find information about deploying/using programs after I get them working in the debugger?
  3. From reading some tantalizing wiki entries, it seems that the only way to use the FEZ as a USB Client is to set the spider for serial debugging. Is that so? Is there a way to swap it over in code?
  4. where can I find current/accurate USBClient information? (I’d like to use that feature on the spider)

FWIW - this is a fabulous product and a great community. I’m just a little lost… :slight_smile:

@ andre.marschalek - Kudos and thanks for the responses, although I went to the FEZ Spider page and didn’t find anything that I’d consider a user manual. There is a document about getting started, but that is simply a quickie setup and run something simple tutorial. (Don’t get me wrong - it took me a good ways to getting going…).

By User Manual, I mean something that goes into detail about all the apparently wonderful features of the Spider - or do you mean the EMX manual?

Also, (you may not have seen it) I added one other question about where to find USBClient information. Do you know? I went to the wiki page and am trying the code there ( but the IDE complains about this:

// Start MS
            USBC_MassStorage ms = 

and I haven’t found where to chase that down.

@ jzeevi - Regarding USBClient problem. What is the exact error? Did you include the reference for GHI.Premium.USBClient.dll?

@ Architect - when I attempt to do a “using GHI.Premium.USBClient” statement, the USBClient portion is underlined in red, telling me there’s no such thing. Indeed, when I do a “using GHI.Premium…” there’s only a “.NET” available. Have I installed something wrong?

That’s actually one of my questions: how do I resolve namespace issues? Is there an index somewhere of what’s in which dll?

@ andre.marschalek - that code snippet is directly from the examples you pointed me to. However, these three using statements

using GHI.Premium.USBClient;
using GHI.Premium.IO;
using GHI.Premium.Hardware;

directly from the example don’t resolve properly. I’m sure it’s something I’m not doing right, but I’m not sure how to find out what. (That’s my general concern with the documentation - it doesn’t help one learn stepwise how to build upon prior learning…)