Doc for WebServer.SetupWebEvent is misleading

FYI: The documentation for WebServer.SetupWebEvent is slightly misleading. It states that the path parameter is of the form http://{ip address}:{port}/{path}. That suggests that the parameter to SetupWebEvent is the complete URL of the endpoint. In fact, SetupWebEvent works only if you specify just the path portion of the URL.

I have submitted a patch revision (#15322 to the CodePlex NETMF project with a suggested revision in the wording of the documentation to make it clearer that the path parameter is only the path of the URL, not the entire URL.


@ dthorpe - Looks like it is not going to happen soon. Patches from Feb 2012 are still under evaluation. :frowning:

@ Architect - Ya, I noticed that too. Unreviewed patches in the queue bothers me much less than ppl complaining about stuff but never actually doing anything about it. :>

Plus, lack of patches in the queue can become a catch-22 for new releases. Observe no patches -> assume no issues -> conclude everybody’s happy, so we don’t need to schedule a new release.

It sounds crazy, but I’ve seen PM types make this argument. It didn’t last for 10 seconds in the team I was on, but the fact that somebody ran that idea up the flagpole at all is telling.

We need to create enough signal to get above their noise floor. :>


Good point.