Doah - Looks like I've killed a Raptor!

Thought I’d have a look at getting the PixyCam working on the Raptor via SPI. Connected everything up to the 10 pin connector but connected the 3.3V of Raptor to the 5V input/output on the Pixy. I don’t think this by itself isn’t a big problem as, at this point, the Raptor is supplying the Pixy.

However - when you connect the USB to the Pixy this 5V pin is supplied via USB and becomes 5V!!! :-[

Raptor now refuses to play ball and reboots every 30 seconds or so.

She’s ALIVE!!! :dance: :dance:

Just connected her on my main PC and re-flashed and she’s sprung back to life. I had tried Erase Application a number of times on the laptop between the reboots but that didn’t work.

Phew - one happy bunny. ;D

did he grin on your avatar just get bigger? If not, time to photoshop…

You have to go thermal nuclear to kill a Gadgeteer mainboard, its why I recommend them to software dudes.

Judging by the hundreds of thousands of boards sold by GHI and the extremely minimal return, I would say our devices do not break easily :wink: high five to our team :smiley:


I’ll second that Gus and yes @ Brett I think the grin did get larger.

This is probably one of the best teams that I have had the pleasure of working with in my career, and I include the community in my reference of “teams”. So I high five all of you as well!


In order to avoid getting on one of Gary’s list, I will not mention the similarities between Gary’s and Sprigo’s forum avatars. 8)


@ Mike - It is on like Donkey Kong!

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When I worked in Italy, my Italian project manager nicknamed me “Attila” because of how many fragile headers/connectors/solder joints would suddenly break during my development. :frowning: