Do you know any under water wireless device

My recent project need wireless data transmission under water.
Do you know where can I find the under water wireless modem?


I may be wrong but I think transmitting underwater requires a very low frequency to work. I’m not too sure but I think thats how the old style submarines used to do it. I may be wrong though.

Seen some people do it with xbee… it’s based on the application though…

@ HughB,
If i’m not mistaken then the submarine problem is because of the salt in the water. That makes the water conductive and thus lower frequencies are required to minimize the water’s effect…

@ Tzu Hsuan,
Is it salt water or fresh water? :slight_smile:

In my project, I would put a wireless node in the river under a bridge.
so it should have water, sand, soil…
I fund a researcher who use the Xbee pro in their under water project.
Please see it below,[Gox].pdf

“LEGO NXT Underwater Vehicle” this project use Xbee pro 900.

I may do some experiments using Xbee pro under water.
If I done i can post here.


@ errol
i knew there was more to it just wasnt sure what :-[. Totally forgot about salt making water conductive.

If you put the device under water, but could bring the antenna above water, it would take away the range problem.

What about ultrasonic? It should be quite possible to have a low speed data comms link using piezo transducers with good range under water.