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Do you have a facebook account?


Answer Yes or No. You may also explain if you feel obligated :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!


:smiley: It did not even cast my vote… (which is no.)


It’s a slow, give it time to finish processing.


No please no myface crap.


I’m already a member of the FEZ Facebook group. Ghi Joe and I are the only members ATM.


I have no desire to join a social network. I am not interested in who are your friends, and who is your favorite music group.

The thought of moment to moment information about what you are doing causes me to have intestinal problems.



SHouldnt it be asking if you have Fezbook? hehehe


Like Foekie, it wouldn’t take my vote (also No) - it just told me I couldn’t vote repeatedly.


Maybe josh manipulated the voting so we cannot vote no :smiley:


I got told i couldn’t vote repeatedly as well, i voted yes, however i only check facebook perhaps once a fortnight for 30 seconds lol.


I only asked because despite your impressions, Facebook is actually a nice tool. I agree people who take it to the extreme can be annoying, but there is plenty of viral opportunity.

I too have a Facebook account that I check a couple times a month. It makes keeping up with those around me easy. I’d say its most useful for close friends and family. People tend to mistake it for MySpace sending and accepting invites like it’s some online orgy.

I like the ability to join sites via Facebook too. Simply log in, accept, and registration is done. Quick and painless. I assume most of you have friends that are somewhat interested in the same things you are so sharing a link or project with them via facebook makes it that more convenient.

Code exchange has turned top secret… more to come soon. That’s all I can say.


I opened an account years back, but never login for years now. so NO is my answer.