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Do we need any agreement or licence for manufacturing and selling the new module or mainboard?


If we design an new gadgeteer mainboard and modules, and porting by ourself.
Do I need to contact the Microsoft gadgeteer Team to sign any agreement or licence? If we want to sell?



No. Gadgeteer is an open source specification.


Because I see this

“0x00 To be used for prototyping new modules - if you want to distribute modules outside your organisation, please get in touch at gadgeteer@ to get a manufacturer code assigned (and don’t use 0x00!)”

Only for DaisyLink?



From reading the information in the website, the only requirement is to indicate that your design is based on a GHI design. Assuming this is the case.

At least, this is what I read.


That’s talking about a DaisyLink code. If you are making a DaisyLink module, you have to apply to get a code but there’s no fees or anything you have to pay to Microsoft. Otherwise, you do not need it.

See the last paragraph on this page regarding licenses.


@ Tzu Hsuan - The link you have is specific to releasing modules that implement the DaisyLink protocol.

There is no licence or agreement to be signed, you simply need to request a manufacturer ID from Microsoft so that you are using a unique ID for the DL products you develop.


If you are making non-DL modules you don’t need that ID.


Thank you guys, now I understand.