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DL40 actual processor used?


I can’t see the DL40’s processor on the schematic (it just says LPC1113/14). Which one is it?


Let me find my magnifying glass. :wink:


@ Brett - LPC1113F


Also important is the 301 designation. The LPC1113/301 (used the DL40s that I have) lacks the power profiles and related APIs which the LPC1113/302 has for example.


Yep all mine have /301 mark on them. Good to know the difference :slight_smile:


so I’m just thinking aloud here about potential to use the dl40io firmware in a custom DL module… because I have nothing else to do at the moment (not!)

Good to know it’s the more expensive of the two options @ Digikey (by 28c, but yeah :wink: ). It’s 4c cheaper than the /302, from Element14.

Chris, without thinking too deeply, would you expect there would be either much additional benefit in going with the 302, and much to change in the firmware? Any reason to or to not change?


@ Brett, I have not really spent much time looking at the power management APIs. From what little I do know, I can’t see any reason not to support it. Off the top of my head, I would guess that the core feature would be to send a command to put the device into one of the power down states and configure the wake condition that will bring the device out of the sleep state. Maybe have some logic to trigger an interrupt and/or toggle a configurable pin on wake-up, with the idea to have this wake up/down stream devices if required.

Only reason I can’t do it is that I do not have a device with these capabilities, but that could easily be solved by our resident module generating machine AKA Justin.