DisplayN18 Fonts

Is there anything special needed for fonts to use with the N18 on a Spider? The text for small is so tiny I can’t read it, the text on NinaB is cut in half (I’m guessing it is the known bug?) and also very small compared to what I’ve seen in some project pictures on the forum. I’m not looking for anything fancy, just simple text. A fixed-width would be fine (serif or sans).

I have seen the post that there is a bug in the 2014-R5 SDK that makes it only use half the screen but the work around, as I understand it, fixes the camera not the display issues.

I’m fine with some stuff doubling up and only having half the screen for a little while, but I really need to be able to at least read the text. I saw that there is a move to releases every 6 months, so one should be coming out soon.

If my current problem is related to the bug or not, I’d still like to know about getting more fonts for the N18.

Since the latest SDK, fonts on Spider are somewhat broken (but work ok on Hydra and Cerberus), I noticed that, too.

In any case, fonts themselves are not related to a particular display. Glide ships with a dozen fonts. Also, .NET Micro Framework can convert you any font.

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Thanks @ Simon, that tool worked great and I made a bigger font which still looks terrible, but I could read it.

What do you mean by fonts broken in spider?!

It’s apparently a known issue that there was an unintentional breaking code change (bug) that affected drawing on the N18 on non-Cerb boards, and this also causes problems displaying text.


@ PintSize.Me - the issue is not related to fonts. It is wrong ordering of data sent to the n18 display, with a provided work around.

Sorry Gus, I guess Simon must be referring to something else.

@ PintSize.Me - that is why I am trying to make sure we have all issues covered before next release, if there are more!

The only other problem I have is the not supported exception on the N18.Orientation property, I saw the property in code before buying but didn’t realize it wasn’t supported.