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Displaying pictures on Panda Touch with Panda II


I downloaded the FEZ Touch example and have done a few things but now I want to display a picture on the screen. I resized an image I had to 320x240 and ran the image converter program included with the download. I replaced the file “img” in the sample program with a new picture named “img”. I knew that was too simple to work, and it didn’t. There is an “image” class in the program, FezTouch2.cs, which contains a few numbers like “signature” related to the image. I assume that number can be found somewhere in the output of the image conversion program, but where? If there is actual documentation for the downloadable program examples please tell me where it’s hidden. If not maybe somebody could tell me what I need to change in the image class to display a picture other than the default.


Panda II doesn’t have enough RAM for a full-sized image. If you want to used full screen you’ll need something like Spiral ( to stream it from the uSD


Aha! That explains the error message, “check your hardware” Thanks! I’ll have a look at spiral.