Display, text only

Hi, Im aware I can render text by using DrawText etc against a Bitmap instance, but is there any support for a simple text only scrolling kind of environment? I could create classes to implement this myself but wanted to ask here first. I’m interested in this for applications that would only ever deliver text output: status reports, diagnostic messages etc.

Functionality would include
scroll up down,
define some degree of history (e.g. only retain last 1000 lines or something)
make text flash either entire lines or if pos selected chars/words.

Scrolling requires shifting the entire bitmap up/down or even redrawing it etc - no idea if this is supported already.

I’ve done a lot of WinForms and a lot of WPF but I know full WPF isn’t supported and havent yet looked at Glide.


Someone contributed what you need to codeshare a while back.

Yes it looks like it: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/codeshare/entry/347

Though that code appears to be specific to a chip ILI9325, is that used by all mainboards? is it used by Raptor?


@ KorporalKernel -
Not sure if these apply to what you want to do but may be helpful?