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Display T43


Hello, can anyone point me where to find code for Display T43 to use touch function?
Thanks in advance for help.


Welcome to the forum!

Check this document:


thanks for your fast reply. I saw this document and it show how to draw on the screen and write text but there is no information about the touch feature.


@ Tati - Check Example 3. It shows how to subscribe to touch events and process them in the handler method.


thanks, I will try that


@ Architect - I saw this example but it target Non-Gadgeteer so it conflict with the code I wrote. Could you please guide me how to add touch with Gadgeteer way


@ Tati - What happens if you try this:

In ProgramStarted:

 display_T43.WPFWindow.TouchDown += WPFWindow_TouchDown; 

And the handler itself:

void WPFWindow_TouchDown(object sender, Microsoft.SPOT.Input.TouchEventArgs e)
            int x, y;

            e.GetPosition(display_T43.WPFWindow, 0, out x, out y);

            Debug.Print("X: " + x.ToString + " Y: " + y.ToString());