Display Orentation


we use in our Company the G120 module and a T43 Display with our own Hardware (the AUG AMI board). For our application we Need Portrait mode.
I implemented in our application the LCD Configuration of the gadgeteer:

But now our Display reaction time is very slow.
In our old Hardware with our own .NET MF port was it possible to build the binary in Landscape or Portrait mode.

Is it possible to get a .NET MF binary from GHI in porttrait mode? Or is there a possibility to Change the Display orientation in another way than in the manged code Level?

Bernhard, AUG electronics

Speed is not because of the firmware but due to the need to rotate the graphics in Software. Every single pixel need to be moved and each pixel is 2 bytes, which is a lot of pixels if you do the math. We will double check the code to see if there is room for improvement.

Ok. Thank you.

We did investigate the code some more and were unable to find any areas that could be made faster when drawing rotated images.