Display N18 in a production design

I have recently completed a bespoke design relying on the N18 as a display device. This was before I found out in the forums that the N18 is useless with the current SDK. This is a limited production (10 parts) that will never be in customer hands, but REALLY need to be stable for up to 10 days at a time due to being used in a test environment. Apparently the new 2015 SDK Pre-Release 3 fixes the N18 issues, but it is marked as not recommended for a production environment.

My question is this… is the pre-release SDK stable enough on the G120 platform that I can count on it, or am I hosed with the N18 displays I already purchased and designed for?

@ bigtwisty - Pre-release 3 is stable in all of our tests. There are only a few very minor issues that have been found since it was released. We do not support it for production use, but it should probably be okay for your use. The final release isn’t too far off either.

That is good news, John! Thanks for the quick response.