Display image on display cp7

i’m new in .net gadgeteer and i need some help.
i have Fez Spider and display cp7, i’m trying Unsuccessfuly to display image on the screen.
can someone give me a lead how to that?

@ orib - welcome to the forum.

Please be a little bit more specific on what you are trying th achieve.

Where is the image that you want to display?

What is the type of image that you want to display? BMP… Jpg… ???

What have you tried, and what went wrong?

Post your code…

@ Mike - thanks for your answer.
the image that i want to display is BMP format., and it is located in resources->images.
my problem is that i don’t know which code i should write that would display the image.
i tried to

       *** Bitmap IMG = new Bitmap("ORI.bmp");***

and then tried to display the image on the screen with that line:

       *** displayCP7.SimpleGraphics.DisplayImage(IMG, 0, 0); ***

and it says:

Error 1 ‘Microsoft.SPOT.Bitmap’ does not contain a constructor that takes 1 arguments

i’m sure that the soultion is very simple, becuse i just dont know the code line.

@ orib - that is correct. If you check the Bitmap, you will see that it needs the image type.

I am working on this book, which is not done yet. Please try it out and let me know what you think

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@ Gus -

A note:

.NET Gadgeteer for Beginners April 15, 2015

I did a quick read of the document and found the following.

Page 4 of 49 confused wording
And what sets NETMF and .NET Gadgeteer from other entry level electronic circuits >is in the ability in< debugging code.

Page 14 of 49
In extreme cases, the device need to be set in > TinyBotter < mode to erase the application.

Page 33 of 49
These numbers are represented differently internally inside the processor from even numbers, called integers. Since handling integers is
much faster on computers, they are only used when necessary.

I think you mean: Doubles and Float are used only when necessary.

The >the vale< is converted to an integer, though something called casting.

@ willgeorge - thank you. The book is still very rough at this point. I hope to complete this week though.

@ Gus - Success!
thank you very much your book helped me.
much appreciate