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Display for Gadgeteer



Does someone knows where I can find a display 4x3 centimeters and with 240x190p pixels? This display has to be connect with a Spider Gadgeteer mainboard.




That is an odd resolution. Why did you select it?


My customer wanted a Gameboy like screen…


You can hire GHI to find you one. I can tell you that sourcing good displays is not easy.

If interested then please email GHI directly.


Just a quick google of “240x190 Graphic LCD” yields several options. isn’t a perfect match but it’s close, and I’m sure a bit more investigation would turn up the LCD you need.

Or you could always [italic]emulate[/italic] the look of the original GameBoy screen on a more current screen by color shifting and scaling images.


Heck you could even just get a GameBoy for like $6