Display CP7 Mounting


Could you suggest me a good way how to mount / fix the Display module to the holey board?
Is there any off the shelf solution for that? Any good suggestions are welcome!

I would say: no
the CP7 is for double sided tape mounting only.
I read somewhere, once you stick it into a Frame, it stickts to it verry strong.

Hello Reinhard,

Thank you for your answer. I am afraid of this . :frowning:

I think GHI designed this Display for a final product of one of theire customers.
If I’d design a Display to moundt in a housing, I would do it in a similar way.

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Oh, OK. No problem at all, but I was curious about is there any housing or mounting kit for this display.

Thanks for your time and answers!


I am not sure if it was just the CP7 I got or just the way I mounted it, but unlike Reinhard, my did not stick very well to the plastic enclosure I put it in. I ended up having to crazy glue it.

How about this idea?

I’ve downloaded the CP7 3D model and done some dimension checks and this should work.

Use Front Panel Express to design you panels. Not the cheapest option but you will have a professional looking design at the end of it.

I recently built and Android based system a capactitive LCD of similar mounting as the CP7 and I used an aluminium panel into which I had a cavity machined with a hole for the LCD itself. The LCD panel was then “glued” into place. I used acetic acid cure silicon sealer for this and the bond is very strong. It also means the panel is IP65 sealed.

According to the design file, the CP7 panel is 0.5mm thick so a cavity depth of 0.5mm would be enough to support this. The corner radius is 7mm.

The likes of Front Panel Express can make a really nice panel for this. The image attached shows the final results I have with this. The overall panel fits into a sealed plastic enclosure.

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A very quick concept of the CP7 mounted within a 3mm thick aluminium panel.

PS… Watch out for the missing dimensions in the GHI drawings. The PCB is not mounted centrally within the cap touch panel. Take some good measurements to be sure.

I left 0.1mm of clearance on each edge around the cap touch panel for the cutout.

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Wow! This is amazing! Thank you so much! This is what I am looking for!

Is there any way to import GHI drawings to Front Panel Designer? :slight_smile:

No, you will have to create the design directly into FPD.

You can print it out at 1:1 and check it once you are done.

I actually create the designs in a 3D CAD package first to check everything aligns and then create a 2D drawing that I use to build the FPD design.

DesignSpark 3D is free so you could use this to model your design first.