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Display CP7 - Is it 24bit or 18bit? Are schematics available?



I’m trying to fully understand how the CP7 works, but I could not find the schematics. Is the Display CP7 open source or closed source?

On the source code, I noticed that only six pins on each colour socket are reserved. It is a total of 18bit.Is it full color display (24bit) or 18 bit?


NETMF only supports 16bit which is enough for good graphics


Thanks for the reply!

Is the pinout available? I have a hydra , a panda and two cerb40. I want to try to use it with cerb40.


TFT displays like the CP7 require special hardware to refresh the screen. The Cerb40 does not have the required hardware.

also, the 40 does not have enough memory.


It will work on hydra, just plug it in. Nothing special is needed.


Panda is in the same boat as Cerberus family devices, the memory is way too small to be able to manage bitmaps for screens - plus GHI deliberately took bitmap support out since it would never work.


Look at the OLED display and PicoMax to use graphics on the Cerb/Cerb40