Display CP7 Compatibility with FEZ Cobra 1.3

We have purchased FEZ Cobra and 7" LCD before two years.

I want to purchase new 7" LCD. I have check the specs of display CP7 is good enough. I am confuse related to its compatibility with FEZ Cobra 1.3. Can some one confirm that CP7 , Part #: DSCP7-GM-376. is compatible with FEZ Cobra 1.3?

CP7 is a Gadgeteer video display.
it may be possible to make it work but that would be up to you to get it working. It’'s not intended to be easy to be used on anything other than a Gadgeteer mainboard.

Thanks Brett, for your update.

if CP7 is not compatible then “FEZ 7” TFT Display kit" is available for purchase? I have check with GHI but didn’t find in product list.

By the way CP7 will work with new Cobra II.

I’ve connected my CP7 to a custom EMX board today. Works. Also, no problems with G120HDR (except that I’ve fried voltage regulator of one of my CP7 displays).