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Display Bezels


Does anyone know where to get bezels for the displays?

Specifically, I want to use the N18 and T43 modules.


There is none as such.

You can make your own panels. I use these guys to make nice panels in small quantities. You get a very professional looking panel for 1 offs.

www.schaeffer-ag-de and there is a link to the US site on there if that’s more local to you.


Like Dave says there is no off the shelf solution that I know off. There are various ways of getting something custom made including in rough price order :- laser cut plastic, custom printed front panels(pcb pool), 3d printed, cnc machines, injection moulding.

The best solution for you will depend on your requirements and budget. If you explain a bit more about what you want to do we might be able to proffer more tailered advice.