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Discount Modules - HD44780 Module


Can someone suggest an lcd to connect to the HD44780 Module? I now have two of these modules. It would be great if drivers and specific information about additional components like resistors were available.


Any display should work. Most displays I had will work fine with contrast pin connected high or low. Basically, adding solder jumpers is good enough probably. No resistors


@ Gus - Thank you for replying Gus. I will give it a shot. I thought the discount module box was a great deal. I am surprised they are still available.


@ Gus - Hi Gus, I did get some 1602 displays. I had to put a 4.7 kohm resistor between Vo on the display and the ground. With the resistor in place it works great. You said to set the contrast high. It did not appear that there was a property in the driver to set contrast so ultimately I began to look at a hardware solution.