Discontinued Module - OBDII

I bought one of the discount boxes and was intrigued by the OBDII. I started a new project with a Cerbuino bee which has 4.2.6 firmware. When I tried to add the OBD_II module into the project I get a dialog box which says the module installer was not correctly set up and does not provide a compatible assembly for .net mf v 4.2.

I looked at the discontinued module sdk but it appears to be for .net mf 4.3. Can anyone provide some guidance?

This post might help https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=15984


I have a Windows 8 machine with VS2012. I am installing .netmf 4.3 and the discontinued driver sdk on it now to see if that fixes the problem. I was kind of hoping there was another solution that would permit me to use .netmf 4.2.

the 4.3 SDK (in fact, all of them do) allows you to target earlier frameworks, back to the 3.x framework. So all you need to do is install the 4.3 SDK, and create a new project targeting 4.2 and you’re done.

Thanks for the help. I ended up using VS2012 express. After uninstalling all .netmf and ghi items I reinstalled in the correct order. The module worked. I am pleased and, since the communication is rs232, it should be possible to extend the driver.

This has been a fun module. If it had not been in the discount module box I would have never gotten it. My next cut at this is to extend the driver to get more information.