Discobot disable

In brainpad forum, discobot seems to be activated, but not in this forum. I think it should be activated on both or disable on both to have same experience.

you had me all hyped up, thought Gus had kept a secret longer than 10 minutes and I’d missed the release of a robot kit ! :rofl:


I think bots are annoying. Should we disable it?

They put a zapper in my neck and threatened me. I can’t speak anymore. But come to maker faire Detroit next weekend and I will tell you everything.

If only my friend, if only… I technically could get there by next weekend if I tried, but so far to fly… (and good news they are still holing the MF - could have been touch and go?)

I agree with you but which that have a brainpad ! :wink:
I think they shouldn’t be disabled but enable: if people discover discourse it could be a good starting point.

How is it useful for you?

I think it could be useful for new users.