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Disable debug interface on EMX module


I’ve seen this question asked before, but not asked/answered for EMX:

How to temporarily disable the debug interface on the EMX? I need to use all 4 COM ports and also the USB port and TCP Sockets for my application.

I need a debug interface to program the module, so can allow the debug interface to own COM0 for a period of time, say 30 seconds after power-up, after which I need my application to take full control of COM0 (and all the other COM and USB and TCP ports).


allows me to set a port different than COM0 but not disable the debug interface altogether. How? I will need debugging to resume when power is cycled.


Just keep the usb as debug and use the combined driver. So that does debug and a virtual cdc com port through the same usb connection.


Use debug networking and you will have all available for you to use.

Note that disable debug = you can never get into the device anymore so this will never be an option as it is somewhat useless in most cases. But use networking for debugging and you will be fine.


I want to use the COM0 for debug/programming, because I break it out as an external port on my device (but I don’t break out the USB port so I don’t want to use that for debug/programming). I want to be able to use COM0 for my application communications after a timeout period.

I could potentially use the networking port for debug/programming, but I want more clarification on how this works before I issue the cmd since my fallback for configuring the IP address of the EMX is to use this debug/programming port.

If I change to “debug networking” will this be a change in the non-volatile configuration of the EMX that will persist across power cycle?

Which TCP port is used for debug/programming and how does Studio/MFDeploy identify the EMX if it doesn’t know the IP address. Does is issue an IP broadcast packet first?