Directory of libraries that work with Gadgeteer / NETMF?

I would like to try and find out what (3rd party) libraries and products work with GHI products (both premium and the other one), and what sort of libraries people have found useful.

Is there a directory anywhere, and if not, should we start one?

Obviously, not all libraries will work, so the choice is somewhat smaller than for “full sized” .NET, but I would still like to have a list to choose from!

Codeshare has some.

A Windows library will not work directly with NETMF. It Needs to be compiled specially for NETMF.
But it’s very unlikely that a library written for Win .net is compilable for NETMF.
But sometimes it’s not hard to port it.

You can look on Codeplex for netmf related Projects:‘.NET%20Micro%20Framework’&sortBy=Relevance&tagName=%2C.NET%20Micro%20Framework%2C&licenses=|&refinedSearch=true

And as already mentined by Architect:
Codeshare contains a lot of libraries.