Dimensions of the 7" TFT display with FEZ Cobra


We have people working on an enclosure for the 7" TFT display kit with FEZ Cobra mounted on it. Maybe you a pdf file with dimensions etc. of the 7" TFT display kit?


The dimensions are displayed in this datasheet:

I have a better idea for you :slight_smile:

See attached image. The display fits perfectly in this enclosure [url]http://www.hammondmfg.com/dwg6slp.htm[/url]
If you only want dimensions then just take a look at the dimension diagram of that Hammond enclosure.

This enclosure was hand cut so the edges are ruff but this is for demonstration purposes only.

Another one from the side

This is how it fits in the front

I just LOVE that display :-[

Thanks guys, your support is great.