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Digital port


Hello again,

I’m having a spot of trouble getting Visual Studio to accept objects for Digital and InterruptPort Objects. Can anyone confirm the Reference and ‘using’ call to allow me to use the Digital or InterruptPort objects?

Many thanks



In Microsoft hardware. Google it


Okay, thank you for the fast reply :slight_smile:


Ah, lovely… a nice API, just as I like it :wink:


Just to add in case anyone else hit the same floor.

I delete the Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware reference and re-added it and… viola! Work now!

This is where Java Wins over Microsoft! :wink: with its auto referencing!

Thanks again…



You should always do this when you update the SDK. This is explained in more than one place in docs


This was a new project so didn’t expect the issue tbh.


new project AFTER you updated the SDK? This shouldn’t be the case. Anyway, it is working now :slight_smile:


exactly :slight_smile: