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Digital pin high or PWM at 100% duty cycles?


On my Whirligig project I have a rather large propeller driving the boat forward. And if I go from motor OFF to motor ON directly I feel that it puts a lot of strain on my motor and drive train. So I have changed it to rev up from 0,10,20,30,40%… until we have full speed. Then I have a PWM pin at 100% duty cycle.

Is there any electrical like current wise considerations to consider when it comes to 100% PWM vs a regular pin high?


I’m not sure if I know what you mean… Look in my RC car thread, there is some code that handles ramping.
Otherwise 100% duty cycle == HIGH


To be honest Chris, Im not sure what Im mean myself :slight_smile:
But what Im wondering is, -are there any electrical difference between a pin set high or a pin set high by a 100% duty cycle.


No. A HIGH pin is the same as one having a 100% duty cycle.

You have a scope, right?