Digital MUX

Hey guys - I’m out of UARTs.

Any MUX you’d recommend that’s two channel, in order to be able to communicate with more non-real-time devices?

Hi Xarren,
have you thought about using an USB hub and some serial converters?

And have you seen this?
I haven’t used ist yet, but it looks promising.


That chip looks like just what I need, thanks.

And USB hub and some serial converters? No clue what you mean here mate, but I’m going for a relatively compact design, so I guess the answer is an outright no :).

By USB hub, I thought of a one chip solution like these two:

And then connect a couple of FT232Rs to it, which would give you real UARTs, that was my intention.

But if the Maxim is sufficient, I’d give it a go as long as you just need to poll some serial devices.

Yeah the maxim is perfect for me - I have a couple devices I only use sparingly, and actually I really do think more devices should use I2C or SPI. Uart this and uart that gets rather annoying when you have 20 things connected up to your panda.

If you want to use I2C or SPI, this NXP product line may be of interest to you:

It has up to two UARTS and a few GPIOs as well, it would make a nice FEZ shield as a port extender.

Looks pretty neat :).

On a side note, you spend way too much time looking through product catalogues :stuck_out_tongue: