Any one else get digiSparks in the mail today? I’m curious what others are going to make with them. They’re so cute… :wink: I’m already wishing I’d ordered more. Now I have to decide with project gets one.

I got mine a week or so ago - shipped from Portland to Portland. Haven’t had a chance to plug them in yet.

I am 1279 on the shipping list.

@ Mike, I’m #1277 :slight_smile: At last report, they were shipping about 300 orders a day.

Great minds think alike?

I think they took the day off. No shipments today.

Be sure and read the directions… You can’t just plug it in and program it like I usually do with my other Arduino. They have a custom installer that installs the compiler and their extensions. There’s also a Windows driver. The way you deploy sketches is a little weird too. When you plug in the digiSpark, it is only in bootloader mode for five seconds and then it runs the app. So, you have to deploy from arduino IDE then plug in the device.

Mine showed up before I left last weekend, haven’t had a chance to mess with them yet.

Other than figure out how to blink the LED, I haven’t touched mine either :frowning:

at least you opened the package :wink: