Difference between Smart Multicolor LED 1.x vs 2.x?

GHI sells the SMart Multicolor LED module on its website at:

The image shows “version 1.2” and indeed this is the version of the 3 I received a few months ago.

Walterott.com in Germany, however, is selling a newer, “V2” version of this module here:

And if you look at the image there, it actually says version 2.1. And if you look at the specs, it is actually 1mm larger in each dimension (22mmx23mm) vs the 1.x (21mmx22mm). Also, the layout has changed, and there aren’t any big yellow rectangle components anymore.

What are the other differences? What does 2.0/2.1 have than 1.x doesnt?

Greater color gamut? Something more?

Is the version 1.2x going to run into some dangerous issues being 44 square millimeters smaller and using outdated yellow rectangle technology that the v2.1 version was created to prevent?

They are almost exactly the same. The processor was changed.

What is the new processor on the v2?

Any reason for selling the V2 only in Germany?

I hope it wasn’t an elaborate Wernher Von Braun pun.

Looks like you went from a Nuvoton M054LAN chip to an LPC1112F chip?

They are the same to the user. We decided to use a different micro.